What a Man Should Wear to a Formal Job Interview

 You are what you wear. Thus, going to a job interview dressed in the right attire will give you the bonus points in as far as putting up a good impression to your employer is concerned. You see, getting that job you wanted does not only require your skills, knowledge and dedication but a lot has to do with your personality and confidence. What better way to express what you have than by showing up dressed for success?

The first step to knowing what proper attire to wear is by determining the kind of job you are going for an interview. Why dress casually when it is a managerial position you are applying for in a bank? As such, it really pays to know the nature of business the company you are going to be interviewed. In case it is a big firm or corporation you are applying for, these tips will come in handy.

The Appropriate Suit

A neatly pressed suit of dark colors will never fail you especially navy blue and charcoal grey. Preferably made of high quality worsted wool, it must be single breasted and center vented and accented with at least two or three buttons.

Do make sure to always unbutton the last. On the contrary, a suit made of linen will come as a perfect alternative for interviews done in summer.
A white cotton shirt underneath will complement your total look as it will provide an excellent backdrop to your classic attire. Just make sure though that its collars must either be straight or button down and a crewneck t-shirt is worn underneath. If you want those collars to perfectly hold their shape, light starching them will do the trick.

To complete your ensemble, a double pleated or plain front pants are both acceptable. For pants with a plain front, the same must be worn with a black leather belt at all times. Meanwhile, double pleated pants may either be worn with a belt or suspenders. More importantly, the suit must fit you to a T. Otherwise, the last thing you want to be is looking like a clown in a mismatched suit.

The Perfect Necktie

Neckties have their way of putting a personal touch to one's attire. They are symbolic of elegance and sophistication. Thus, in going to an interview, choosing the right necktie can make a difference on your total look. Ties of neutral and solid colors such as burgundy are best with suits that come in dark colors. Yours must be of the finest silk material to enable it to hang nicely around the neck. Stay away from floral ties and those printed with cartoon characters.

The Proper Pair of Shoes

Walk you way to that dream job in a pair of shiny black leather shoes with lace-up fronts. Undoubtedly, it is the most appropriate pair for a dark colored suit. It must be worn with white ribbed over-the-calves wool socks.

What you wear has a lot to say with the kind of person that you are. Thus, in appearing for a formal job interview, let your clothing do the talking.

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