Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World

You need to spend so in order to stay in a luxury room hotel-hotel. Some rooms with presidential suite types of hotels in the world have room rates equivalent to the price of the home. Here are hotels with the highest rates in the world CNTraveler version.

1. Hotel President Wilson

This hotel is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Rooms The Royal Penthouse Suite has 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. The overall area of the room reaches about 1,672 square meters and covers the entire floor on eighth floor of the hotel.

The room rate per night ranges from the US $ 65,000 (equivalent to USD 823 million). The facility includes an armored door, bulletproof windows, a private elevator, and access to the heliport.

2. Lagonissi Resort

This hotel is located in Athens, Greece. Ie expensive room type The Royal Villa fare ranges from the US $ 47,000 (equivalent to USD 596 million) per night. Guests staying in this room are picked up using a private jet. 

Guests will also get a personal chef, personal fitness trainer (personal trainer), and even a private piano player. In this room is available an outdoor swimming pool and in the room.

3. Four Seasons Hotel New York

Hotels are located in New York, United States, this has an expensive room type Ty Warner Penthouse Suite with rates ranging from the US $ 45,000 (equivalent to USD 571 million) per night. 

This room is located on the second floor with a spacious 52 square meters reaching 399 and displays a 360-degree panorama of Manhattan.

In addition, the ceiling is high, with high windows from floor to ceiling, and a diamond-shaped glass roof. The walls in one room even use cow leather. Facilities for guests personal butler, personal fitness trainer, until the driver Rolls-Royce.

4. Raj Palace

This hotel is located in Jaipur, India, this has Shahi Mahal suite-type rooms with a room rate of US $ 40,000 (approximately USD 507 million) per night. The building is actually a palace which is then converted into a hotel.

The expensive room has six-bedroom fitted furniture with a touch of gold and ivory. Other room amenities are a private theater, library, and dining room. Guests also have access to staff.

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