Luxury Hostel Europe cost 20 euros

The hostel is synonymous with a modest inns potluck. In fact, there are also luxury hostels that offer beautiful designs with comfortable rooms, and facilities like hotels. Even though luxury impressed, hostels offer prices under 20 euros. In Europe, luxury hostels are scattered, including the following.

1. The Independente Hostel, Lisbon, Portugal

This hostel occupies a building that formerly homeless Swiss Ambassador to Spain. Three brothers run this hostel and called it a meeting point for “tourists and locals can come together”. 

The hotel features a vintage design. The hostel consists of eleven rooms of modern dormitory-type accommodations and four private rooms for more seeking privacy.

Guests can have lunch at the restaurant Decadente inside the hostel at the cheapest price 10 euros on weekdays. In the evening you can try the buffet with a starting price of 7 euros. The fares start from 12 euros per night.

2. Plus Berlin, Berlin, Germany

Plus Berlin is located in strategic locations, namely at Warschauer Strasse which is close to the S-Bahn station, so you can connect easily to the Hauptbahnhof and the center of Berlin. The hostel is also close to the rest of the Berlin Wall, and there is also a cool bar in the area.

Hostel facilities include a restaurant and bar, an indoor swimming pool and sauna, a garden, and laundry facilities. Service is available 24 hours a. 

Guests looking for a bit of privacy and comfort can choose a private room with a bathroom shower. The fares start from 10 euros per night.

3. U Hostels, Madrid, Spain

It is located close to a palace from the 19th century and Alonso Martinez Metro station. The hostel is modern, clean, and with a friendly waitress. This inn offers WiFi internet, a bathroom with a hot water shower, and a private movie room.

the hostel uses air conditioning (AC) and there is a private locker. Bunk beds are made comfortable and have individual reading lights. The hostel also offers a complimentary full breakfast in the form of bread, ham, and cheese. 

But with an extra 1 euro, you can get an extra cup of coffee. Alternatively, for breakfast for 3 euros, you get coffee, fruit, and ham. The fares start from 19 euros per night.

4. Safestay Hostel, Elephant and Castle, London, England

This hostel building occupies the former headquarters of the British Labour Party. The Interior feels enlivened with purple and pink color patterns. Mattresses in dormitory-type rooms are equipped with reading lights, comfortable bed linen, and curtains that offer guests privacy.

Families can occupy a room with two beds double beds and a single bed. The fares start from 20 euros per night.

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