Hong Kong’s Magical Night Market

Hong Kong is a city full of contrasts. Massive skyscrapers grow amid bamboo scaffolding, people practice their golf swings in the middle of town on a huge multi-level driving range, and the tranquil mentality of the people is contrasted by the buzz, drive and energy of this dynamic city. 

Hong Kong’s Magical Night Market

The boom of commerce has attracted big business, but there are other businesses that may be of more interest to curious travellers. One such secret attraction is the amazing night market in Kowloon, a sensory overload of sights and smells that is a must for any avid traveller.

Located in the usually busy streets in the business district of Kowloon, the night market emerges as the sun starts to set. Some shop owners and restaurateurs keep their premises open over night to attract more business, but the majority of the market vendors set up their stalls on the sidewalks and in the middle of the street itself. 

The result is kilometres of stalls, 4 rows running along the street (2 on the sidewalks and 2 in the middle of the street), a veritable tunnel of shopping opportunities. Absolutely everything you can imagine is sold here, from the inevitable curios and local items to high tech devices and toys. The sounds of people bargaining with the locals rings out across the street, and every vendor eagerly asks you to look at their wares. 

The experience is close, but not claustrophobic, and the vendors generally back off if you do not show any real interest, although with the amazing things on offer, this is easier said than done!

Apart from the things that you can buy, the night market is also famous for the incredible variety of food on offer. I highly recommend a delicious peanut butter waffle, which steams warm sweetness as you munch happily while taking in the sights and bright lights. 

For the more adventurous traveller, a stop at a night market restaurant is an absolute must. Seafood is incredibly popular in Hong Kong, and these restaurants offer you the freshest possible produce – so fresh in fact that it is actually still alive. Fish, prawns, shrimp, and a variety of deep sea delicacies are on offer. 

Simply choose what you would like, and the cook will fry it right there in a wok that never stops sizzling. Dinner is served to you as you sit on a beer crate in the middle of the road, taking in the exquisite taste and unique atmosphere of the night market.

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