7 Destiniasi Tour in London

The UK does offer many interesting tourist attractions, from the north to the southern end. Although the area was, in fact, you do not need all the way to the end of the UK, as the capital city of London also offers a lot of interesting tourist attractions.

From the start the classic to the modern British state in the city of London. Not to mention if you are aiming to visit museums and art galleries. Well here, exposure to interesting places that you must visit in the city of London.

1. The British Museum

One of the museums with a collection of artifacts in the world. The British Museum was founded in 1753 by a physician and naturalist, Sir Hans Sloane. Now, there are about 8 million artifacts owned by the museum. 

The British Museum is open every day from 10 am until 5:30 pm, but it is open until 8:30 pm every Friday. The museum also has no charge for admission.

2. Hampstead Heath

For those of you who want to visit the park’s natural, then go to Hampstead Heath or commonly abbreviated as The Heath. There you will be treated to a vast expanse of green grass nan, a playground, a wooded area, and an renangoutdoor to the public. 

320 hectares park has a surface that is hilly and at the highest peak, you can see the panoramic view of the city of London.

3. The London Library

This library is one of the largest libraries subscribed to the collection in the world even though at the time of World War 2 the library lost about 16,000 copies of books. The London Library was founded by an Englishman named Thomas Carlyle. 

Carlyle founded The London Library after feeling disappointed and dissatisfied by some of the rules issued by the library of the British Museum. To get in you do not need to spend money, but have to pay if you want to become a member.

4. Flea Market

Do not forget to spend your money in the markets that are always held every day, but the majority of these markets only exist on the weekend. From start to Portobello Road Market, Camden Market, Leadenhall, and much more. 

In these markets, you can find a lot of fashion items, antiques, food, and beverage. To be sure, take a day to explore one of the markets.

5. Victoria and Albert Museum

If you are satisfied with the collection of artifacts that illustrate the history of mankind is on display in the British Museum, as well kungjungi Victoria and Albert Museum. 

The 5-hectare museum has exhibited a collection of objects of art and design from the old to the new millennia. As with other government museums, the Victoria and Albert Museum does not charge admission.

6. William Morris Gallery

This gallery is devoted to accommodating the work of the British socialist William Morris. Inaugurated in 1950 by Prime Minister Clement Attlee, this gallery holds handicrafts such as carpets, furniture, and artificial ceramic Morris during his lifetime. Garden of the gallery named Lloyd Park has a skateboard area, cafes, gyms, and gallery space.

7. Cabinet War Room

Cabinet War Room is part of the Churchill War Rooms museum, a museum that contains historic spaces where the government during World War used to monitor and control the British troops. 

In addition, the Cabinet War Room is also the headquarters and communications center that is under the ground to take cover from the opponent’s attack.

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