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Why does my cat spend his need outside the litterbox

For ages, cats have been available to all forests, plains, and wastelands as a litter basin, and they do not need to defecate in the same pl...

For ages, cats have been available to all forests, plains, and wastelands as a litter basin, and they do not need to defecate in the same place, because cats are clean, so they will not defecate twice in the same place or in a dirty place.

But after it lived with humans, the area of ​​its litter basin has shrunk from the plains and wasteland that has no limit to how many small, limited boxes she has to use throughout her life, and what is worse if it was only one box, closed, narrow and unclean, then we do not blame the cat for relieving itself, knowing that the cat She herself doesn't like it and definitely doesn't do it on purpose.

Why does my cat spend his need outside the litterbox

Never scold her or punish her for any behavior whatsoever, especially on the topic of defecation outside the litter box because this behavior bothers your cat more than it does to you; Because God made her instinctive to bury her excrement, she will not prevent herself from practicing her natural instinct except for an unnatural reason.

I mean, there is no such thing as training my cat on the litterbox, because if it was not an innate behavior in it, we would not have seen street cats looking for any dirt area to relieve themselves and leave the asphalt and any other place!

So, instead of the phrase “Train him on the litterbox,” we say, “ Give him a clean litterbox that is comfortable for him in the right place and in the right number,” because when cats relieve themselves outside, it does not mean that they are not trained, but rather that they are trying to convey a message to you that they are in pain. 

There is something bothering her, there is something that makes her angry and nervous. You, as a cat breeder, have a duty to find the cause and find the solution, and I am here to help you with that.

main reasons why cats spend their needs outside the litter box

1. health reasons

When the cat suffers whenever he enters the litter box because of the disease, it begins to associate negatively between the litterbox and the pain, and then it urinates/defecates in different places every time, and it is also a message from him to you that he is in pain and needs help, diseases related to the output such as obstruction of the urethra, diabetes, cystitis, Intestinal bacterial infection, severe constipation.

How do you know if the cause is healthy?

If your cat all the time uses a normal litter box and suddenly he needs outside the litterbox, although his surroundings have not changed and nothing and the matter is repeated, then he went to the veterinarian to conduct tests and ensure the cat’s safety, and preferably take pictures of the droppings he spent outside the litterbox for the vet to see, as well as if he was trying Peeing and nothing comes out or stands in an abnormal position, you must go to the veterinarian immediately

If your cat has urinated outside the Litterbox and the urine has blood in it , consider it a very emergency situation and hurry up with that because it indicates a blockage in the bladder or urethra, and sometimes stones and infections, the bladder and kidneys will enlarge. Stools with blood, whether inside or outside the litterbox, require urgent veterinary intervention.

2. psychological reasons

If there is more than one cat or another animal in your house that shares the cat in housing, it is very necessary to provide a litter box (at least) for one cat + one extra (in separate places), meaning if you have two cats = 3 litter boxes, if you have three cats = 4 boxes and so on.

Why? Because the litter box is the place where the cat feels the most belonging and control and because it smells so he feels confident around it, so if the cat sees that other cats are using it, he may start to feel threatened and create problems with other cats or take his need outside it, so cats are territorial creatures as we mentioned, so saving More than one box according to the number of cats and in separate places helps reduce the severity of the atmosphere and the feeling of threat between cats and makes them feel more comfortable and therefore they will not have to spend their needs outside the litterbox.

Finally, one of the most important and most famous psychological reasons for cats to spend their needs outside the box is the request for mating, the request for mating is not limited to spraying urine by male cats, but males and females do it alike, even if the males are more, and it includes urine and feces as well, the solution is not to bring a partner for your cat, this is a solution Temporary and results in an increase in the number of cats you have, which does not guarantee to find shelter for them in the future, and the problem will recur every few months, other than the suffering and stress that the cat/cat goes through at the time of mating.

3. Reasons for tropism

A problem with the box (its size, location, number, cleanliness), the location of the litterbox is very important, it is important to be in an open and well-ventilated place and in the middle of the house and not in a secluded and hidden place away from vital places in the house, such as the bathroom, backyard, entrances, and corridors, cats are never shy From relieving her need in a vital place.

And the proximity of the litterbox around her increases her confidence and attachment to the place and the people around her.

Choose the place where your cat spends its time the most, if she likes to sit in the hall of the house, put it in the hall, and so on. One of the reasons why cats spend their needs outside the box is the poor choice of place for the Litterbox. 

To do it again, none of us like having the Litterbox in the middle of the house, but it's our duty to our cats, they are part of the family as well, and we are the ones who chose to live with them.

Also, the litterbox must be open and the cat can enter it from more than one side and not attach it to a wall or anything else. 

Entering the litterbox from all four sides is important for the cat’s comfort when relieving itself because cats feel threatened when they are trapped, as well as making it easier for them to bury their droppings and clean your wall of urine traces.

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