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Purification of cats and dogs What are purification courses?

Our cats and dogs are constantly exposed to toxins and chemicals in the environment, medicines, and prepared food, which accumulate toxins i...

Our cats and dogs are constantly exposed to toxins and chemicals in the environment, medicines, and prepared food, which accumulate toxins in their body’s toxins load so that there is a chance for the body to get rid of them, but unfortunately in most cases, that opportunity never comes, and the body continues to hoard toxins until its organs are damaged and stop working.

Purification of cats and dogs What are purification courses and why are they important?

Purification of cats and dogs What are purification courses and why are they important?

We can reduce their exposure to toxins and chemicals, but as long as their exposure to some of them is inevitable, why don't we make this opportunity for their body to get rid of toxins before it is too late?

1. What are purification courses and why are they important

Purification courses are life and dietary practices that help the body eliminate toxins and invasive chemicals due to: an unnatural dry food (kibble) or wet food diet, synthetic vitamins, water that has not been filtered or preserved in plastic or plastic food dishes, or the accumulation of damaged cells in the body, environmental and air pollution, treatments, antibiotics, anesthetics, pet vaccinations, etc...

 The purification systems in the body are the liver as an essential organ, then the kidneys, the immune and lymphatic systems, which need periodic cleaning and maintenance in order to maintain their quality and performance, and here lies the importance of purification courses, in order to maintain the functioning of the body functions as it should and increase their likelihood of benefiting from supplements and healthy food that they depend on.

Without purification courses, we may expose the body to chronic diseases, organ failure, allergies, respiratory and digestive infections, cancers, and others, God forbid, especially if the nutrition is unnatural or fresh.

2. Types of purification courses

Dr. recommends Karen Becker With a short-term purification course whenever your cat or dog is exposed to toxins and chemicals, whether the exposure is monthly, seasonal or occasional, for example: if your cat/dog takes worming pills every 3-6 months, a purification course should be done every 3-6 months for several days After taking it for pills and so on, of course, we have already mentioned that it is best not to adopt worming pills except for treatment (click to read), another example:

if your dog walks in gardens where the plant-based pesticides are sprayed at the beginning of each summer, it is best to do an organized purification course at the beginning of each summer, with Always wipe its feet when returning home and before entering it, or make a paws soak with an organic, natural and safe preparation. The last example: 

If your cat performs a sterilization process or cleans teeth (or vaccinates), it is possible after several days to give him a purification course because his body was exposed to anesthetics He needs to get rid of these substances that remain harmful to him.

Although there are many methods and tips and practices of purification courses, which we advise you to research more, the best and most sustainable way remains to adopt healthy, natural, clean, and suitable food that is not exposed to toxins, chemicals, hormones, nor artificial additives nor antibiotics. Here we mean raw food that is naturally balanced, although its adoption It does not mean that we do not need to help the body with purification when it is exposed to toxins and chemicals or for prevention.

The most effective elements in detoxing are pure water, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and natural minerals, and because a balanced raw food is an ideal source for all of these elements, our inability to provide it increases the importance of purification courses for our cats and dogs periodically, but without excessive even what harms them.

3. When does a cat or dog need a purification course?

Few veterinarians are of the opinion that a cleaning course is not needed by an animal at a young age because its organs are often able to perform their functions as they should and may rely on purification supplements in their work, but holistic vets believe that it is difficult to determine a specific age for purification courses because the cat's body capacity The dog's purification process itself depends on many factors, such as genes, environment, age, nutrition, lifestyle, the number of accumulated toxins and the times of exposure to toxins... 

And because most cats and dogs have unnatural or fresh food, the effectiveness of their organs is already limited, and because the amount of toxins that the cat is exposed to Or the dog every day is huge in our modern world, it is a risk to neglect that, so most of them need purification courses to maintain the effectiveness of the purification devices in their body, it is recommended that we take care of the preventive aspect before the animal is damaged due to the accumulation of toxins in the body, prevention is better than treatment.

The need for cats and dogs for purification may increase according to several factors, for example:

When the animal grows old, the body’s performance of its functions weakens compared to the age of youth, so it is more prone to organ failure, but this does not mean neglecting purification at a young age.

When the cat is genetically prone to kidney, liver, and immune problems, such as in some hybrid cats and dogs.

When an animal's analysis results are not reassuring, especially in the kidneys and liver, purification is closer to treatment than prevention, so we aim for proper and regular prevention before the animal's body reaches this stage.

When a cat/dog adopts any food other than raw, organic, and naturally balanced food, especially dry food, this does not mean that a cat who adopts raw food does not need a purification course at all.

After the animal has taken vaccinations, antibiotics, anesthesia, medical treatments, or even vitamins and manufactured nutritional supplements.

When the animal is exposed to any toxins and chemicals in the environment (which it is supposed to be exposed to in the first place), such as pesticides, plants, toxic fertilizers, household cleaners, and others.

4. How do we reduce the exposure of our cats and dogs to toxins?

How do we help their body purification?

Exercising on a daily basis and sufficient physical activity, as it helps the blood circulation and organs to get rid of toxins.

Periodic combing removes any impurities on the fur and skin instead of being swallowed by the animal when cleaning itself.

Adopting a healthy, clean, and balanced diet and diversifying animal proteins.

Reduce grains and starches in the diet as much as possible because they are the causes of the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Not to starve cats for a non-medical reason (such as fasting before surgery, which does not exceed 10-12 hours before the operation) so as not to expose the liver to a state of greasiness and disease.

Always adopt pure, clean, and filtered water and add it to every meal, and stay away from tap water, salty or unknown sources, stagnant water, rainwater, swimming pools, and alkaline water. It is recommended to filter water with filters or pure water kept in glass containers.

Reduce toxins in the home: Any chemical odors such as smoke, incense, perfumes, diffusers, candles, cosmetics, plants, toxic fertilizers, salt lamps, etc... Never expose them and use an indoor air purifier.

Replace chemical household cleaning materials with safe, natural cleaners (we touched on them in the video and will discuss them more extensively soon), as well as soaps and laundry softeners, even new furniture, mattresses, and beds for cats and dogs are often exposed to chemicals.

The cat or dog should not be exposed to toxins outside the house, such as gardens that contain pesticides for planting, car fumes, stagnant water, and others.

Always clean the feet of your dog when he comes back from the outside and do not bathe him except with a natural, safe shampoo free of any harmful chemicals (cat shampoos have the same requirement, but we do not recommend bathing them at all!).

Reducing your cat or dog's exposure to unnecessary medical drugs, especially antibiotics, redundant vaccinations, and preventive flea, worm, and mite treatments, all of which increase the accumulation of toxins in the animal's body, and most of them have natural alternatives if you research.

Supplements to support the kidneys, elements to support the immune and lymphatic system, and liver purification supplements, the most famous of which is extracted from the milk thistle herb, as it not only purifies the liver but also restores the cells in it.

5. Purification Supplements

There are many and varied purification supplements for cats and dogs. urinary and bladder) digestive system, immune system, and lymphatic system.

For purification of the urinary tract and bladder:

Since the urinary tract is an integral part of the kidneys' purification work, maintaining it is a priority, I tried Kin+Kind UT Support, For Dogs and Cats because it is natural, organic, and beneficial in many cases, suitable even for kittens and puppies from 6 weeks of age, 11 weight cats and dogs A kilo or less need half a teaspoon, from 12 kilograms to 25 kilograms you need one teaspoon, from a weight of 26-40 kilograms a teaspoon and a half, from 41 kilograms and above two teaspoons per day.

To purify the digestive system:

After the liver succeeds in purifying and filtering toxins in the body, it sends them to the digestive system to remove them from the body, so the digestive system is an integral part of the purification process, and it also contains 70% of the body’s immune systems, and what helps support and maintain it is fresh healthy nutrition beneficial bacteria and digestive enzymes (courses).

Finally, I will tell you about decaffeinated organic green tea, Sasha a while ago, I got tired and unfortunately the Mercola supplement for the kidneys and liver did not suit her. 

Thanks to God, and after researching, I learned about the importance of decaffeinated green tea in purifying the body from toxins, and I adopted it for a few days and it improved significantly in a short time, After that, it is impossible for the house to be emptied of it, so I wanted to dedicate an entire section to it:

6. Green tea for cats and dogs

Many hear about the benefits of green tea for us, but what are its benefits for cats and dogs?

Does it have certain requirements or side effects?

And what does it have to do with their purification?

Nutritionists mention that green tea has several benefits for cats and dogs as well, such as that its fresh leaves are considered antioxidant polyphenols (detoxifying the body) because it contains polyphenols, and green tea also contains vitamins A, D, K, B, B5, C, and E. And H and minerals such as manganese, zinc, chromium, and selenium, and what distinguishes it most are that it contains what researchers call epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is one of the best antioxidant elements, which makes green tea a means of prevention against cancers and tumors and even to relieve digestive infections. 

It also helps the body get rid of parasites and unhealthy bacteria in the body and also improves digestion. According to Dr. Julie Schell, we can also use green tea to massage the teeth and gums (with a soft cloth or gauze), which helps protect them from any infections. And problems in the future, it can be considered an alternative to the paste in protecting the teeth and gums, but it is not known for now if it protects against the accumulation of tartar or not, so it is important to monitor the health of the teeth and gums periodically.

Also, the antioxidants in green tea can significantly modify the cancer-causing molecules that destroy cellular DNA. Inactivating and ridding the body of carcinogens is very important in keeping the cat/dog free of body cancer for life.

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