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My Cat Treats: 7 Rewards Cat Treats

where I review the things of my cats and evaluate them according to what you requested, dog breeders also benefit from many purposes because...

where I review the things of my cats and evaluate them according to what you requested, dog breeders also benefit from many purposes because some of them are intended for cats and dogs as well.

You may find repetition in some of the information in these posts, but it adds more information to what I said In the video, my cat's stuff blogs and the series of videos complement each other and I will update the posts whenever there is a change or update of my experiences, I recommend watching the series videos on YouTube and then reading the series of posts.

My Cat Treats: 7 Rewards Cat Treats

My Cat Treats: 7 Rewards Cat Treats

My cat's stuff:

Rewards Cat Treats

About two years ago, and from the day my interest in feeding cats began to increase, I discovered the harmfulness of commercial ready-made treats to cats and the bad components of them, and therefore I began to search for healthy and suitable options for their carnivorous species more, and found the so-called Freeze Dried Raw Treats , which many nutritionists They praise it, so I ordered a single bag to try it, and was surprised by the love of my cats for it, and what surprised me the most is how simple and clear its ingredients are without flavoring or dangerous ingredients, most of the excellent types contain only one ingredient, for example “chicken” or “duck” and so on, unlike commercial rewards Those who write you a manuscript with the ingredients are right, and its text is words that you cannot read easily, and as mentioned by Dr. Baker said that whenever you encounter an ingredient with a complex name, know that the product contains an “in” and that it is impossible to be natural. 

In the video, I demonstrated the difference between the ingredients for natural rewards and synthetic commercial rewards

1. Pure Bites Rewards

This company has a special place for me because it is the first company I tried, of course, it has a "special place", which means that it is the best


Good variety in their reward types

Their prices are below the normal average for this type of reward (30-45 riyals, and there are large sizes that are more expensive for those who want quantities).

For years they loved all their rewards and I had a period of use without problems, thank God, but there is one type that does not suit Sasha (she vomited it), and this happens that your cats become allergic to a certain type of protein, so do not get excited and ask for too much, take each type of pill and try it first, and this is what I always do with every company.


Sometimes (depending on the merchant, location, storage method, shipment, and production date) it comes a little too hard and crunchy. You accept it in all cases, but once its texture and color are different when you get a new and coherent one.

Salmon skin is a bonus they cannot eat and it is harsh on them (I did not feel safe eating it at all), so I got rid of the skin and kept only salmon meat, and the process of separating the skin from the meat is annoying and takes time.

I noticed some of the grains (especially chicken treats) suddenly come frothy and greasy.

Cat rewards are less than dog rewards and more expensive, I mean you can take dog rewards from them because they are more weight and less expensive, and I inquired from the same company and they said, “It is normal that there is not much difference because it is basically natural. What differentiates according to my reading and experience is the size of the pieces and a slight increase in fat in some.” Species.

2. Life Essentials Rewards

This company is not famous yet, but they have a very old type of wonder, and they kind of liked it once, I talked in detail about 3 types of this bonus that I tried in the video.


  • They have a very old kind of wonder
  • Chicken rewards are more fragile and soft
  • They have an idea for ready-made crumbled rewards to put on top of their meals


  • Its price is slightly above average
  • They don't have a wide variety of rewards

3. Vital Essentials Rewards

I did not like this company once and I liked it for a few years, not all of them accepted all types, I tried two types and I evaluated them all in the video


  • They have special types like chicken and rabbit hearts rewards

  • Its price is cheaper than other companies I have seen so far


  • The ones I tried are very tough, so some years ago they didn't like them, but cats who like to be crunchy might like it
  • Big and once greasy chicken hearts reward

4. Stella & Chewy Rewards

This company has only tried one type of it, I was amazed by two years, but some other nutrients were added to it, it may be with the intention of being more balanced, but it is rewarding in the end, which is harmful, whether they are balanced or without additives in my opinion, and because the rewards are not basic meals and are not given in abundance, In general, I may add my experience to other types if I buy more from them in the future, God willing.


  • Soft
  • For years they loved it


  • The pieces are soft, but some of my pets see them as big, so I swear to them

5. Pet Craft Rewards

This company has only tried one type and I like it, so I look forward to ordering from it again, it is true that it is for dogs, but as we said, as long as it is natural, there is no difference much, it is intended for dogs or cats, but it is important to review the components of each reward before we decide that it is suitable for our cats.


  • Without salmon skin
  • Soft and fluffy and very easy to break with my hand on their meals


  • Its cubes are a little big. It can be made for dogs. I have to break it in half for them so that they can eat it easier

  • They do not have a variety in the types of their rewards, they only have four types

  • Its price is a little higher than the average, but I think it is worth it

6. Walk About Rewards

This company is similar to Vital Essentials in terms of shape and hardness, there are types that they accepted for years and types that they rejected


  • They have special types such as rabbit and kangaroo rewards


  • The ones I tried are very tough, so some years ago they didn't like them, but cats who like to be crunchy might like it.

7. Zesty Paws Rewards

This company does not have anything special and I am not thinking of ordering from it again


  • Ordinary, nothing special


  • It's more expensive than it's worth in my opinion
  • The first time I opened the bag, I smelled a little plastic
  • The reward for salmon is the hardest skin

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