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Cat Entertainment Routines (Click Training, Cat TV)

As we mentioned earlier that cats are routine and territorial creatures so we advise you to read the history of cats and how they entered ou...

As we mentioned earlier that cats are routine and territorial creatures so we advise you to read the history of cats and how they entered our lives, the constant change or the arrival of people/cats / any creature you are not accustomed to in their area (home) will disturb them, so there must be balance and order, and gradation Which makes your cat absorb the current time and place around it, and to achieve this we must focus on three main points in the cat's life:

Cat Entertainment Routines

Cat Entertainment Routines

It is achieved by reviewing several basic things in your cat's life:

1. Food:

If you've been following Free-Feeding, which means leaving food available 24 hours for your cat, this is your chance to stop

Why should I stop open feeding?

Because cats are simply hunters and do not feed like plants, having food available to them all day long harms their digestive system and brain, which is determined to move, search, and hunt for a living, thus balancing their food, stabilizing their mood, and improving their health, and even the litterbox will not always be full.

2. Play:

Playing is very important for cats, not just for “playing” but to satisfy their hunting instinct, reduce their tension and positively unload their energy.

To imitate their instincts, the best time to play is before serving a meal, because the cat instinctively hunts, catches, catches, eats, and we must do and practice when playing with them not to move the stick or string randomly but to mimic the prey.

We imagine that the thread is a snake or that the hook is a flying feather, flies, falls, or walks around the room and hides behind the sofa or behind the box, then escapes from the cat and the cat catches it and leaves the prey with it to cut it as it wants, the duration of play varies according to your cat's activity, but an average of 10 minutes before each meal Thus, you guarantee their satisfaction and happiness because you drained their energy in the way that God created them and created them.

Remember the four rules: a cat hunt, catch, kill, and eat

What is the status of Cat Zoomies?

Have your cats ever started running and jumping randomly and excitedly all of a sudden as if they were chasing something and climbing hysterically on curtains, scrapers, and sofas?

This condition is Cat Zoomies and is due to the so-called Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs) that come to your cat because of the pent-up energy inside it and which we haven't allowed emptying it sufficiently, correctly, and in an orderly manner, the cat starts running randomly and jumping excitedly or biting and kicking objects.

Sometimes we indeed see this situation as “cute” or funny, but it often indicates pent-up energy in them and this is sad in some cases, especially when we see them catch prey “from their imagination” or try to move anything in the house and run aimlessly just to empty their energy, it indicates that we are short on them in entertainment.

We must give them a face and get excited with them at the time. We will never forget them if the situation comes to them. I have never had a case of Cat Zoomies and I am not at home I came back to find him upset and when I asked, I knew that it was the case and no one was giving him a face at the time.

The case of Cat Zoomies is not always “cute”, especially when you come to them at night and at bedtime, or when they provoke cats and other animals that live with them, and sometimes it is expressed in a stronger way depending on the amount of energy in your cat, it may reach the point of destroying furniture or dropping items from tables not Emotionally, of course, all this is not their fault, but ours, because we have failed to satisfy their hunting instincts. There are cats that reach the stage of meowing to play, and the breeder thinks they want food or something else. It saddens me when I see cats meowing for play, their simplest rights

How do I act when my cats have Cat Zoomies? Is it harmful to the cat? How do we reduce its occurrence?

The case of Cat Zoomies is not in itself a health or behavioral problem in the cat, but rather a “routine” problem of imbalance in the routine and organization in the cat’s life, and it is a natural result of a cat who has not got enough of the appropriate play and has not followed a stable and organized routine, so it is important to make sure of the fixed routine and unload their energy And because the cat may harm himself if his energy is high and we do not empty it, such as if a glass breaks on it or gets stuck in a narrow place or climbs a dangerous place (the oven for example), or falls from a high place or hits a wall corner without focus or gets his paw stuck in something and suffers, and previously Happened to some cats.

One of the ways to reduce its occurrence is a stable and organized routine and allocating organized and specific play times before each meal and in the way that your cat likes and satisfies his hunting instincts (in short, all of what we mentioned in the post).

Your cats are the first thing that comes to them with a situation of Cat Zoomies and instead of making them catch “prey from their imagination” we give them prey to empty their energy into, I mean if your cat comes into this situation and starts running everywhere or biting things or your hands and legs randomly try to wrestle with him with a doll he loves (not in your hand) Or throw him his favorite prey or move a toy or a feather hook to catch it instead of an imaginary prey, and sure allow him to enjoy catching and cutting it after that and this is the most important part of the topic.

Also, the ways to prefer playing differ from one cat to another, but they agree on the part of hunting instincts, for example, some cats like to move your hand under a carpet or a mattress or behind the curtains as if they are hiding prey, and leave them the opportunity to try to hold your hand from above the cloth, and some cats show a reaction It is escaping or hiding from the prey, and this indicates their enthusiasm often if your cat ran away from the prey and hid and watched from afar, it often means that it is waiting for the right hunting time, try to stimulate its instincts by making the game simulate the movement of prey for your cat to pounce on it.

I think it is important to know the best toy your cat likes as it is important to know the best ways to motivate your cat to hunt and move, every cat I have has different tendencies in playing methods and favorite games and this is normal.

Does my cat ever get a case of normal Cat Zoomies?

Yes and no at the same time, it is normal if your routine with him is organized and he plays well, motivated and instinctive and his health is perfect in all his affairs, and also normal in old cats (10 years and above), sick cats, and even old cats. 

It suits their health and age and we do not put pressure on them. As for disabled cats, they also come to the case of Cat Zoomies and interact and everything, but it is important to make sure that they do not harm themselves and provide them with comfort and ways of playing that does not harm them and at the same time we do not deprive them and put in capacities that frustrate them.

It is not normal that your cat does not have the condition of Cat Zoomies if it is healthy and young and its routine is relatively normal (irregular and does not take enough instinctive play), here we can say the best review of the food and the surrounding environment and the ways you play with it and free it for it (this post helps you determine this) as well as its condition Is the environment in which she lives comfortable for her?

Is there something that poses a threat to her, whether we have made it good or we have not? Has anything changed recently (new environment, transmission...)?

Do you play with it correctly and appropriate games for it? 

Thus, activate the Detective Conan mod when you discover the reason and thus answer a suitable solution.

I had a cat that was not in the case of Cat Zoomies and did not like to play much, I checked all the previous (and following) points until I discovered the method of playing that you prefer and adjusted its nutrition to a balanced natural food and then the puzzle was solved, take your time to explore your cat and make sure to take into account the mentioned aspects.

3. Cat Entertainment

Use your spare time to stimulate your cat's brain and train it in cute tricks that are fun for you and it. Cat training is often done through what is called associative learning theory clicking training. It is easy as it requires you to provide a clicker or a stylus and treats. 

The goal is to link the sound of Clicking with the desired behavior to reinforce it so that the cat is encouraged to perform the desired behavior, and when interacting, clicking and offering a reward, and repeating this until the cat associates the behavior with the reward until it performs it without clicking. 

With the passage of days, you can train your cat on simple things such as high five and sitting To difficult things like playing with dead cats and moving away from certain places, you can search more for cat training on YouTube by Clicking training Jackson Galaxy.

4. Puzzle games and automatic games

Being at home may not mean that you are always free to pet and entertain your cat, so it is important to provide automatic games that move on their own, such as moving fish, balls track, mouse in the box, automatic cars, and others.

Puzzle games are also useful for their brain and occupy their time with something useful, the idea is to put some of the food they love or rewards in the puzzle game and the cat tries to solve the puzzle to get the reward pill out of the game, and of course, the puzzles and training, and all of this will not work as required if the food bowl was in front of your cat all the time, Arranging meals is very important and essential.

Make sure not to use the same reward repeatedly so that the cat does not get tired of it and thus lose its desire to train or solve the puzzle.

And there are ways that you can make yourself a puzzle game for your cat from the leftovers of the house and cardboard. You can search for such ways on YouTube DIY Cat Puzzle Toys and at the end of the post, I will attach useful links to what we are talking about.

Cat TV and cat balcony Cation

It is any fun scene that your cat can contemplate when she is bored or relaxing, and that should be available to her always, always, comfortably, and safely, such as windows, views, balconies, aquarium, bird cage, or even the catio.

The catio is a wonderful idea that is spread abroad where the cat can move inside and outside the house completely safely, and many of them are made with simple tools, look for a way to make them, and if you can implement it, you are a hero!

Cat TV allows your cats to look outside and fill their curiosity in a safe, fun, and peaceful way. Looking outside is one of the most important healthy activities for a cat and they sunbathe at the same time, which protects them, God willing, from skin diseases, the most famous of which are fungi, so the presence of windows overlooking and various cat TV may be one of the first things that must be achieved For your cat's happiness, and without him expect him to be nervous and upset and behave in a way you don't like.

Naturally, we do not all have windows with a view. If your windows are not overlooking, I advise you to hang food and drink for birds, or if you have other animals such as squirrels, you can attract them with food to the window of the house, so that they gather on them to eat and your cat from behind the glass is looking at them happily, and if your cat makes sounds while looking at the birds or Squirrels mean that their brain is motivated to hunt and this is a positive and instinctive thing and you may keep staring at them for hours, if the glass is reflective (transparent glass prevents the view from outside to that inside), the chance of birds gathering is higher because they do not see your cat and therefore they do not feel threatened

It is also important for your cat to be comfortable with her TV. Install shelves with rugs that prevent her from slipping, or a large horizontal scratcher (this is terrible on Amazon) and a large cat tree tower by the windows, this ensures that your cat is comfortable and relaxed in front of Her TV during the day

If your cat is sick, old, or disabled, I recommend providing a runway or facilitating safe access to the windows so that it is completely self-reliant.

If cats do not drain their energy and provided them with alternatives in a correct manner, they will bear the consequences of damaging furniture, biting, and meowing, all because their most basic rights have not been obtained.

So, according to cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, your ideal cat diet is as follows:

TV, play, meal, sleep, TV, play, meal, sleep...

5. The principle of the certification

Make your home a comfortable environment for you and your cat, which is called the Certification Principle

This is a very basic and important principle in any house where cats live, imagine when the members of the house meet, what is your cat's point of view?

The sofa you love has been taken over, kids, guests, or people you're not used to may attend

She is looking for a place to rest, a place she feels like her own. Where do cats find their comfort, confidence, and security?

6. In the Vertical World

What is the vertical world?

It is simply the height, the higher the cats rise from the surface of the earth, the more confident they are in themselves and their surroundings, and they instinctively need a high place to look at their surroundings from above and therefore feel confident and in control and this is reflected in their confidence in you and the place, living on the ground level kills the cat’s psyche.

“Everyone owns the floor, cats own the sky”

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